Personal statement

My name is Lucas Williams, and I am a Launceston based web and software developer who has been creating and developing various websites since 2009.

Website development started out as a hobby for me during College, and after starting a software support role for a local company, became something I actively pursued in my spare time, later sourcing contacts and performing work for them on contract basis.

Over time, I have demonstrated a knack and desire to pursue a programming career, which has led to a steady rise from software support to a data migration and software development role. I found that spending my time learning and applying as much as I can about web development has been an interesting and worthwhile experience as it has allowed me to solve problems for people.

Aside from programming, my hobbies are working on and driving cars, painting and playing Warhammer, participating in local professional wrestling shows, and playing video games with my friends online.

Technical skills

I have had experience with using the following technologies, programming languages and software packages
  • PHP (4, 5, and 7)
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • Wordpress
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Mobile
  • C# .NET for Web and Windows
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Borland Delphi
  • Firebird RBDMS

Education & Qualifications

Bachelor of Computing

University of Tasmania; 2010-2015

To further myself, I undertook a degree through the University of Tasmania, which encompassed a lot of general computing, programming and project management units. This process was completed part time with the assistance of OzSoft, by allowing me time to attend on-campus lectures and tutorials.

Throughout the course, I maintained an average mark of above 60%, with particular achievement in the following units:

  • Data Analytics
  • ICT Project
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Data Security and Networks
  • Database Management Systems
  • Advanced Dynamic Web Development

Originally, I started this course as a dual degree with a Bachelor of Information Systems, but due to scheduling conflicts, opted to complete the single degree.

Diploma of Information Technology (Software Development) and Diploma of Information Technology (Database Design and Development)

Tasmanian Polytechnic; 2009

After completing a Certificate IV, I decided to broaden my horizons by completing two Diplomas of Information Technology at the same time. To facilitate this, a major project was undertaken to complete the Project Management, development and database competencies all in one go.

The project that I worked on for this was an upgrade to part of VETtrak's internal Customer Relationship Manager software, OzTrak, where I changed the way that part of the software dealing with Businesses was to work.

Throughout the project I learned working with Borland Delphi and Subversion for version control.

Certificate IV in Information Technology (Support)

TAFE Tasmania; 2008

Part of my employment at VETtrak involved a traineeship through TAFE in IT Support; I completed this two-year traineeship in 6 months.

Half of the competencies were completed on the job, such as interacting with clients and determining their needs. The rest of the competencies were completed in a "one morning a week" classroom-based arrangement, and were focussed on programming in both procedural and object oriented fashions using C++, Java and eventually PHP.

For my "final" project, I produced a PHP based game of Risk which stored territories, game state and moves in a MySQL database, running on a local machine.

Job Experiences

Web Developer - Self Employed

My experience in web development since 2009 has seen me work on a wide variety of interesting and diverse websites, primarily for local businesses and entites. Typically, I work more on the back-end of these sites, developing and extending Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Website Baker.

Most recently, I have been developing a timesheet management system, entirely from the ground up, using Laravel 5.2, and Bootstrap for the visuals.

Timesheet Management System

April 2015 - present

Developed from the ground up in Laravel 5.2, and utilising Bootstrap for the layout elements, the Timesheet Management System is a piece of web software that provides labour hire companies the ability to place their workers in multiple locations, and provide reports back to these host employers quickly and easily. Gone are the days of manual timesheet entry by providing each worker with the ability to report their own times and have these approved by a supervisor.

In its current state, the Timesheet Management System talks to MYOB AccountRight Live to send card (workers and host employers), timesheets, payslips and invoices between the two systems, allowing for much more customisable reporting and printing of information.

LGH Paediatrics Hub

April 2015

Rather than carrying around or storing large, cumbersome reference guides, the doctors in the local hospital's Paediatrics department now have a modern, streamlined information hub for referencing important information from the palm of their hand.

This system was built on top of the Website Baker platform, in partnership with a local design studio, greenskin media, who provided all of the designs for the site. My involvement was to write PHP and Javascript to implement the required functionality and interaction logic.

Fantasy Phantoms

March 2015

A fantasy football (AFL) website, where a bunch of guys get together and analyse the weekend's games, providing some analysis and insight into how best build your fantasy football team across the season.

I was involved in developing some Wordpress plugins, work on the template to make things fit in better, and talking to the AFL website to attempt to gather statistics for display. All of this work was done in PHP.

Your Place, Your Space

December 2014

A simple website and logo change to allow a local landscaper and renovator to show off some of their work to potential clients. The site uses a very basic image gallery, and management written entirely in PHP.

No custom content, aside from the images, was required to be made for this site, so the decision was made to keep it simpler than a CMS, and just allow uploads of images as required.

Round Table Studio

Round Table Studio is a hands-on creative company. We love introducing clients to all the creative tools available to help build their business. We offer a boutique service that takes care of all your creative and production needs - from logo and brand development to publication and signage design and in-house printing.

We provide full digital services including website development, custom functionality, mobile apps, live event streaming, and software and database development.

We’re based in Launceston and service the world.

I moved to Round Table as part of the sale of the Learn LMS in October 2017.

Digital Developer; October 2017 - May 2018

The main focus of my role is taking designs from our UI/UX designer and converting them to Wordpress themes, utilising the appropriate fields in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, and any other plugins as necessary.

Primarily this involves utilising a framework such as Bootstrap, along with custom styling using CSS (LESS/SASS) and Javascript (jQuery) to achieve the desired outcome.

Learn LMS Support; October 2017 - May 2018

As part of the move from InfoTrain, I took over all of the support of the Learn LMS for existing customers, and the provision of demonstrations for potential customers.

InfoTrain Pty Ltd

InfoTrain provides solutions for innovative enterprises in providing ready-made management solutions to common learning operations needs – with a key focus on visibility, management and reporting of learning information workflows. Whether a L&D Manager, RTO manager or training professional, InfoTrain has a solution to support your business or learning operations to achieve maximum efficiency and robust implementations.

We understand the struggle in managing effective learning implementations across enterprises and in the VET sector. The rapid pace of change compounds this challenge with the seemingly endless need to be updating documentation or resources to stay ahead of the curve.

Software Developer; February 2017 - October 2017

Focusing on the creation and maintenance of the Manage platform to help RTOs manage aspects of their training, personnel, locations and integrate with Student Management and Learning Management systems, I developed primarily in C# ASP.NET MVC for backends and used the Bootstrap framework for front-ends, along with Angular 1.6.

Daily responsibilities involved extensive Javascript and AngularJS work, with CSS (LESS) theme work for the management system. Where appropriate, I also developed C# code for backend processing and database work, and Entity Framework Code First Migrations to keep everything up to date.

Support and Sales; February 2017 - October 2017

I was also heavily involved in the support of the Learn LMS; a re-branded, contextualised version of the Matrix LMS out of the US. This involved dealing with customer enquiries both via email and phone to help them sort out issues they were encountering or to set their content up in the best way possible.

Part of this also involved some sales work, providing demonstrations of the system and preparing proposals and pricing for the system, along with the actual setup of a new instance when someone purchased Learn.

VETtrak Pty Ltd

Software Developer; 2016 - February 2017

In addition to the data manipulation duties, I have also worked on development of the core VETtrak product, using Delphi and various internal utilities in with Delphi or Microsoft .NET (C#). Responsibilities here have included the following

  • Development work in Moodle to produce plugins to communicate with our Student Management Software.
  • Developer support for third party developers using our SOAP API.
  • Development work in .NET (C#) on aforementioned APIs.
  • Delphi development work to create addons for our Student Management Software
  • Produced an Android and iPad app using, collaborating with another staff member who was writing a RESTful web service to connect the app to.

Presently, my time is split 40/60 between development and data manipulation.

Database Manipulation Specialist; 2011 - February 2017

In 2011, I moved from software support into a more technically minded role where I was responsible for manipulating current customer databases to perform bulk actions on request, and to migrate new customers to VETtrak by importing data from their old Student Management System.

  • Importing data into SQL Server 2005/08/08R2/12 and Firebird 2.1/2.5 databases using MS Access.
  • Liaison with customers and other stakeholders to determine requirements of data manipulation.
  • Quoting customers for services rendered in terms of hours.
  • Development and maintenance of data migration tools for personal use.

This role initially included some second level support for the core software product, and network administration duties for our hosted platform, listed under the next entry.

Database Admin, Network Admin, Application Support; 2011 - 2014

At the same time as my move away from first level support into data manipulation, I took on the responsibilities of managing parts of our hosted customer network and databases along with a "second level" support role for difficult questions:

  • Maintaining Daily backups, both internally and externally, using Microsoft DPM
  • Managing Active Directory domains for setting up and removing users
  • Managing Terminal Services network, including Terminal Servers, Database Servers and Web Servers
  • Providing specialised, second level phone and email support relating to Remote Desktop, Database manipulation and the "too hard" questions
Software Support Officer; 2008 - 2011

My first experience in a software development environment took the form of a support role for the provider of Australia's largest Student Management Software, VETtrak (formerly known as OzSoft Solutions) as a trainee and support officer. My role during this time included the following responsibilities:

  • Answering phone calls and providing "how do I?" support for use of student management software
  • Writing reports using SQL and Object Pascal to retrieve information from customer databases
  • Maintaining a maximum 24-hour turnaround time on support resolutions
  • Completing traineeship in Certificate IV in IT.

In addition to this, interest and experience in writing software was demonstrated wherever possible, as a way to progress from software support to software development.